30 Day Water Challenge

I thought of doing this the other day because I feel as though I NEVER drink enough water. Add that to it being plus fortey outside, and it makes me nervous. So, I decided to consciously make the effort to try to hydrate more. All you have to do is follow the times of when to drink (I put it into my phone on alarms so I don’t forget). Give it a try if you’re a cactus like I am.

For The Next 30 Days Drink Water

* after waking up
* 30 minutes after breakfast
* 1 hour after breakfast
* 30 minutes before lunch
* 1 hour after lunch
* 2 hours after lunch
* 30 minutes before supper
* before exercise
* after exercise
* if you’re feeling snacky
* just before going to bed

Now, I’m just doing a large glass at a time because literally I don’t think I could do anymore than that without floating away. This doesn’t change your diet, but it works even better if you cut out coffee, tea, sodas and artificial sweeteners while you’re doing it. I laughed at that one. I will give up my coffee for nothing. Give it a try and see how you feel after 30 days.


July 31st, 2017|Health|

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