36 Things I’ve Learned In 36 Years

Recently I celebrated my 36th birthday. It got me to thinking about how much different your 30’s are compared to your 20’s. Not that I’m saying your 20’s are bad, but there are a lot of life lessons that come along with them. Here is where my 30’s have taken me so far.

1. By this time I have learned the difference between “acquaintances” and “friends”. Friends will help you bury the body, acquaintances will tell everyone in the coffee shop where you buried it.

2. You are allowed to feel good about yourself.

3. Some days wine actually does “just happen”.

4. Cheese will affect your body in a whole new way.

5. You and your significant other will know the absolute grossest stuff about one another, and won’t care.

6. You forget what the word “metabolism” actually means.

7. You’ve seen people you love pass away. It’s time to stop complaining about shit that doesn’t matter.

8. Be grateful. Every. Damn. Day.

9. Try to drink water. Your skin and body will thank you.

10. Read books. It will make your brain happy.

11. It’s awesome to be smart. Don’t ever allow someone to speak down to you because you know something about a subject that they aren’t interested in.

12. Look people in the eyes when they are speaking to you. Both out of respect and to see clearly what their intentions and feelings are.

13. Make time for people. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

14. Take pictures. Even when you think you look bad. You’ll want them later.

15. Forgive yourself for mistakes. There’s no need to carry a burden around unnecessarily.

16. If you have children, prepare yourself to love someone so much that you would sacrifice everything you have if it would put a smile on their face.

17. Women in magazines are airbrushed. No one looks like that.

18. Your family is important. Call your grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, moms, dads or whoever you consider family.

19. Some people won’t like you. And it’s not necessary that they do. It’s none of your business how they feel about you.

20. Gossip is just words. Realize that at some point these words will make it to someone that loves you and won’t stand to hear it.

21. High heels hurt. Yes, even the good ones. But damn do they look good sometimes.

22. You’re an asshole if you discuss someone else’s marriage, finances, or family. You want to talk about those topics? Nothing is stopping you from talking about your own.

23. Listen when someone gives you advice. You don’t have to take it, but a second opinion is never bad.

24. Go to the doctor. Suck it up and get those check ups. Above and below, the whole works.

25. Listen to good music.

26. The bartender sees and hears everything. Remember that.

27. You can not change someone’s mind. Work on yourself to see where they’re coming from.

28. Don’t put up with unnecessary bullshit. Life actually IS too short.

29. Allow yourself to be loved. Yes, it can be scary to let your walls down, but you have to experience the full meaning of the word.

30. Be kind. You never know what someone is going through.

31. A smile can turn someone’s day around. Even if they don’t smile back.

32. When you get a pet, they literally depend on you for everything. You are their world. If you can’t handle that, don’t get one.

33. Everyone is human. Your marriage won’t be perfect, your parents marriage wasn’t perfect, and your grandparents marriage wasn’t perfect. Sometimes you have to take the rose coloured glasses off. Everyone goes through stuff.

34. You don’t have to tell the people closest to you everything. Sometimes it’s best to keep your cards close.

35. It’s ok to be who you are, even if it makes other people uncomfortable.

36. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the “competition”. What you own is what you own. What you do is what you do. How you feel is how you feel. You’re living your life to make you happy, not anyone else. Competition will rob you of happiness.

Remember, you will have good and bad days, months and years. How you handle it is what makes you, you. With good people around you, even the worst things can be great memories. Your vibe attracts your tribe.


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