I’ve spoken before about different types of perfumes and scents, today I’m going to talk about some perfume tips and tricks. Welcome to smelling delicious!


Perfume: This is the longest lasting and most expensive form of fragrance. Perfume usually contains the largest percentage of perfume oil. It’s intended to be dabbed on and should keep the scent for eight to twelve hours of wear.

Eau De Parfum: This popular form of fragrance usually comes in a spray and lasts six to eight hours on the skin.

Eau De Toilette: Less expensive and less concentrated than eau de parfum. Nearly always in a spray and good for those of you that prefer a lighter scent.

Cologne: This describes the most diluted form of fragrance. It usually comes in the form of a spray or a splash.

Solid Perfume: This type of perfume is made by mixing perfume oil with wax. Solid scents tend to smell stronger than liquids.

Body Products

If you’re going to layer scents, make sure that they are the same or at least have the same notes in them. Mixing different perfumes and lotions can have very stink inducing results.

For a more discreet way to wear your scent, layer only two products. For a lighter version, just layer the body wash and lotion without spraying yourself with the perfume.

Of all scented bath and body products, bath oils tend to have the most concentrated scent. Which means they are the most fragrant and longest lasting in the skin.

If the perfume you use every day doesn’t have a matching bath or body product, then make your own by mixing a couple of drops of the perfume with some unscented lotion.

Remember that if you have allergies, you should always do a test on the inside of your arm before you cover your whole body in it.

Making It Last

When using perfume, a good rule to remember is only use one to two drops of perfume up to three sprays of eau de parfum, up to four of eau de toilette and no more than six of cologne.

Over time your nose will become used to the strength of the scent that you’re wearing. Before you double up ask someone if they can smell your perfume.

The best place to wear your perfume is on your pulse points which give off heat and help release the scent. These include your wrists, inner elbows, temples, neck hollow behind the ears and behind the knees.

Light and heat will ruin a scent over time. Try to keep your fragrances in your bedroom away from direct sunlight.

Once a fragrance is opened, it has a shelf life of one to eight years. This depends on the notes used. Heavier orientals have a longer shelf life than light, citrusy notes. If you don’t plan on wearing an opened perfume for some time, keep it in the refrigerator to protect the scent.

The alcohol content in fragrances can dry out your hair, instead of spraying directly on your do, spray on your brush and brush it through your hair.

Use a dab of Vaseline on each wrist before you dab on your perfume. This will help to lock your scent into place.

How To Find A Scent

If your not sure about what you like or what you’re looking for, then go online and read up on different perfumes. They will tell you the notes being used in each and the strength. If you know that you like florals, then ask a saleswoman to direct you in the direction of any new fragrance using floral notes.

When using a testing blotter in a store, wait a minute for the alcohol to dissipate before you take a sniff. Continue to smell it every few minutes to see how the scent settles. After about ten minutes, the true fragrance will be revealed. If you decide that you like the scent, then repeat this process on your wrist. Perfume will change scent on everyone because of their bodies chemistry. So what smells good on one person might not have the same effect when you wear it.

Did you ever notice that perfume counters will have coffee beans on them? Those are to sniff in between fragrances. That way your scent receptors will be cleared between each fragrance.

Narrow down the scents that you like to no more than four. Try to keep two to the wrists and two to the outer forearm. This way the scents won’t get confusing and muddled.

See how the perfume settles on the skin before you buy it. It’s always best to go home and wait a couple of hours to see if you actually like the way that it smells on you. When it comes to perfume, never make a decision before at least thirty minutes after the last spray.

Once you’ve picked your scent, never put it on your wrists and rub them together. The friction will alter the fragrance and cause it to fade more rapidly.

Floral fragrances tend to evaporate more quickly, so when it comes to applying them it’s ok to have a heavier hand. With a floral, you will probably have to reapply again at night if you’re going out.

And with that, you should get as much bang for your perfume buck as possible. I hope these perfume tips were somewhat helpful and that you now know that you don’t have to spray yourself silly at the department store perfume counter. Smell ya later!

xo Stephanie