Ok, this is the last one, I promise. BUT, I’m going to also be posting Halloween shots sometime this week, so the party inspired posts aren’t quite done yet. I can’t help it guys, it’s my favourite time of the year! So, this one is mainly for me. I have been obsessed with this show since the beginning. Yes, some seasons have been stinkers (Cult, I’m looking at you), but I have persevered and am rewarding myself with this drinking game.

Take A Sip

*Someone cries
*Someone smokes a cigarette
*Someone wakes up in the middle of the night
*There is a strange, sexual encounter
*There is a flashback
*You see blood
*Someone says “the end of the world”, “supreme”, or “murder”

Take Two Sips

*If it’s the opening credits
*A main character dies

Finish Your Drink

*When you miss Jessica Lange
*You have to cover your eyes
*You have no idea what’s going on
*Stevie Nicks or Jessica Lange reprise their roles
*Every time you are sexually attracted to Evan Peters

What has been your favourite season of American Horror Story so far? Mine is still Murder House, but Coven also knocked my socks off (Stevie Nicks is everything my dreams are made of). Are you tuning in to the new season? What are your thoughts so far? Let me know!

xo S