I was lucky enough to stop Deanna Way from being a busy bee and have her sit down with me to discuss her recent side business. It’s called Idea-nna’s and it has you covered for any of your decorating needs. Whether you’re looking for something for your yard, your home or for some decorating inspiration from the lady herself, she’s the one to talk to. Deanna is one of those people that has been blessed with the creativity to refurbish anything to fit your current home decor needs but also has the eye to know where to put that vase you couldn’t figure out what to do with so that it becomes a rooms statement piece. She’s that good. Having been in her own home and having her look for pieces for myself, I decided I should probably share my little decoration goldmine with you. Ps, she also will come over and help you put together the room of your dreams for you….yes please! Just listening to her excitement about this venture and seeing her ability to transform old to wonderful will make you fall in love with decorating your own home. She makes it approachable and fun, not a tedious task that makes you want to pull your hair out. Check it out and I dare you to not think “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

Good As Gold Living- For people on a budget, what pieces would you steer them towards?

Idea-nna’s- I think that it’s always great to look at the existing resources that you already have available. Try to recycle what you have. You can use lots of things in different ways. Look at what you don’t like about them and how those pieces could be transformed to fit your style.

Good As Gold Living- If someone doesn’t celebrate holidays, how can they still add some flair to their home?

Idea-nna’s- You would really have to examine what you’re not willing to do. If you aren’t into holiday visuals, you can always decorate using one of your other senses. For example the scent of pinecones with cranberries can give you a winter and Christmas feeling.

Good As Gold Living- Any tips or tricks for auctions and flea markets?

Idea-nna’s- You should have an open mind when you go. You have to be open to possibilities and to using things in a non-traditional manner. How can I change something? Nothing has to stay the same.

Good As Gold Living- How can people get over the fear of change?

Idea-nna’s- I honestly think for someone to get over the fear of change they have to give it the benefit of the doubt. They have to try it before they automatically hate it. Change for anything in life has to be tried. You can always change it back if you don’t like the results.

Good As Gold Living- What is you’re favorite part of the job?

Idea-nna’s- I personally love seeing the final outcome. Seeing the hard work pay off and the final transformation. It’s closure and a sense of relief to see the final product. However, there’s also something to be said for starting a project as well. It brings a different kind of happiness. It’s a rush of inspiration and a-ha moments to make you start thinking of all of the possibilities.

Good As Gold Living- What are some of your favorite decorating rules to break?

Idea-nna’s- Patterns. You CAN mix patterns. In my opinion, the more contrast the better. When you have contrasting patterns they each have their own interest and focal points. They each tell their own stories visually.

Good As Gold Living- What are some easy tips for turning something old into something new?

Idea-nna’s- Paint is always so simple. A coat of white can easily clean old pieces up where as a coat of color can transform it into a statement piece. Fabric is another great and easy option. Switching your fabric is always so refreshing. Also, changing the items purpose works wonders. A decorative punch bowl can become a fairy garden planter to add some flair to your yard. Small changes like that can really make a difference.

Good As Gold Living- What is your favorite use of a piece where it doesn’t necessarily go?

Idea-nna’s- I think the one common thing I try to always incorporate is light. Utilize the light in your room to bring out your decorative pieces. For example, where to put things in a room so that they will reflect the light transforming it from plain into a standout piece. Vases are a great example of that. Glass objects can have many different uses, but will always compliment the space.

Good As Gold Living- What are some of your favorite ways to add some decor to a yard?

Idea-nna’s- I really think that anything you do inside can be done outside. So even something as simple as the glass we were just talking about can be brought outside so that the sun reflects through. My outdoor patio area reflects the same principles as to how I would have my indoor kitchen set up. Your outdoor space is also your living space. It should be an extension of your indoor space and of what your style is.

Good As Gold Living- What are some of the biggest decorating and crafting no-no’s?

Idea-nna’s- Recognize and understand that cheap is cheap and crap is crap. There are just some things that no matter how much paint is used, you can’t salvage them. If you wouldn’t put it in your own house, don’t expect anyone else to want to put it in theirs.

Good As Gold Living- Is there anything else that you would like to share with your clientele and the readers?

Idea-nna’s- I think that this venture that I’ve gone on helps me to have balance and creativity overall in my whole life. It’s not all about making, buying and selling. To me it’s also about the inspirational sharing with others about ideas. Whether it be through walk through tours of my house, small projects or even helping someone organize their sock drawer. Don’t ever be afraid to think outside the box. Try it and you’ll be inspired that much more because of it.

I happen to have been on a walk through tour of her house and let me tell you, you do leave inspired. Thank you so much Deanna for sitting down with me and sharing your thoughts with me. I always look forward to the great pieces you find and for what creative idea you have brewing next. You haven’t let me down yet. I look forward to working together more in the future. For any of you who want to have a peek into the world of Idea-nna’s or if you would like to contact her. Check her out here:

Facebook Page- Idea-nna’s
E-mail- ideannas@outlook.com

xo Stephanie