I love to interview people. I feel as though coming up with an answer on the spot really shows you who that person is. There is no time for hiding. There is no time to come up with a perfect answer. It’s just them. Recently, I’ve been asking a friend if I could interview her about her clothing line. She of course said yes. When I was telling another friend about it, they asked me “when do we get to read an interview about you? People would probably get to know things about you that you don’t usually write about. Not about fashion, not about products, just about you”. So here we are. If you think I’ve come up with answers ahead of time, I haven’t. I plan on asking things that I would normally ask other people. Hope you enjoy a look into the weirdness that writes Good As Gold Living.

Can You List Ten Things That You Love In Life?

I love my family and my extended family. I love loving people. I love fast, I love hard, and I love with my whole heart. Which is both a gift, and a curse because not a lot of people love like I do. I love music. Music can change my mood with just the beginning of a melody. I love the seventies. I love how everyone looked, I love what it stood for. I love my friends. When I find someone I want to be friends with, we are more like kindred spirits. I don’t trust that easily. I love sentiment. I have about a thousand knick knacks scattered through my house because they remind me of a time or of a person. I tend to hoard memories. I love a good conversation. Those conversations that make you feel uniquely close with someone. You feel warm, happy and like that person really gets who you are. I love uniqueness. People say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and to me it isn’t. I don’t want to know someone playing dress up. I want to know the real person. Copying doesn’t intrigue me at all. I love a good drink. I love animals. I cry every time I see an animal that needs to find their forever home. Once you get a pet, it’s a part of your family. You are their everything. They only wish to please you and be loved by you. I wish more people would get that.

What Is Your Most Unique Quality, And Your Fatal Flaw?

I feel as though my most unique quality is either my sense of humor or the way I love people. I like to make people laugh, and I also tend to give someone my all. If I can put a smile on your face it makes my day. My fatal flaw is my heart. I can smother you. I will look past a lot of bullshit if it means I won’t make waves with you, but then finally I explode. A lot of things I do are based out of love and concern, but sometimes it can bite me in the ass. However, if a friend doesn’t realize that I would never do something with malicious intent and am only trying to help them, then they never actually understood who I was.

How Do You Feel About Aging?

I think that aging for any woman is a hard pill to swallow. With that being said, I never want to be twenty again. Ever. There was so much drama. The older you get, the less drama is around you. You have weeded out most of the negative people in your life. Your circle might be smaller, but those are the real ones. You learn to identify the warning signs that say “get the fuck away from that one”. There is less fighting, you’re more comfortable and you wake up one day really enjoying your life. You get to watch the people you love have all of these important milestones and you also get to have them yourself. Weddings, children, careers. These are all of the things that are worth any lines on your face. Don’t get me wrong, the aging process worries me. If you are happy and you’re at peace though, it’s pretty worth it. Not enough people these days are given the chance to age, so suck it up and enjoy your life.

What Is Your Personal Fountain Of Youth?

My son. My son keeps me feeling good. I’ve always said that I breathe better when he’s around. He keeps me from feeling a certain age. When I’m with him we play. We are silly and goofy and everything I do is to make him laugh or smile. It’s hard to worry about aging or anything self indulgent when you’re making fart noises or creating monsters with sparkly play dough. He is the best thing I’ve ever given the world. Every hope and dream I’ve ever had manifested through him. He keeps me up in the clouds and my husband keeps me grounded. It’s the perfect mix.

What Would You Consider The Ultimate Compliment?

That’s a tough one. I do love me a compliment. I don’t take comments very well about my looks. I never have. I would prefer to be told that I’m different. That you’ve never met someone like me before. Being called a good mother is a pretty big one, or that you love me too. Knowing that someone is in it with me as deep as I am is a pretty big compliment. I’ve also really appreciated being told that I’m an old soul or that someone loves my site. Knowing that people enjoy reading what I have to say is so overwhelming for me every time.

Where Were You Born?

I was born in San Diego, California. My mom was getting herbal cancer treatment in Mexico when she went into premature labour with me. The doctors told her that for her best interest, she shouldn’t have the baby in Mexico. So, they flew her to San Diego where she had me. She then died a couple of days after.

Do You Consider Yourself Beautiful?

I consider my intentions beautiful. I don’t think it’s cool to make someone feel bad. I would rather build you up. So many people just can’t find it in them to do it. A comment on someone’s picture, a like on social media, a compliment, can all make a persons day. You don’t ever know what someone’s going through. Sometimes, something so small can make someone feel appreciated. Why not just do it.

Complete The Following Sentence:

“If I Knew Then What I Know Now, I Would Have….” Started using sunscreen at birth. I’ve done a lot of tanning. I was young and only lived for the moment. Now that I have a son I want to be around as long as I possibly can. The same goes for smoking. I would have never touched a cigarette if I had any clue that I would love something so much in my future.

How Would You Like To Be Remembered

As someone that you could never forget.

xo Stephanie