Have you ever found a feather out of the blue? Maybe while you were out walking or when you were tidying up the house? If you’re paying attention, it should stop you in your tracks a bit. Stop what you’re doing and take in the moment because usually feathers are trying to tell you something. Take a look and see if you’ve been given any of these signs.

White- Your angel is here
Black and White- Change is coming
Pink- Love in the form of romance or a child will be on the way
Yellow- Congratulations, you are on the right path
Black- Angels are protecting your energy during spiritual awakening
Grey- Life has been hectic but peace is arriving soon
Blue- Your psychic abilities are unfolding, you are called to work on behalf of spirit

I personally have only ever found white feathers. How comforting is that? What feathers have you found along your travels?

xo S