Motivation is a tricky thing. The world says “make a lot of money”, “work hard”, “raise a family”, “be a size two”, “have a clean house”, and then throws a phone and one million different tv channels to your liking into the mix. How are we supposed to navigate this? It’s so exhausting just getting through the day, how are you supposed to fit something in dedicated to your own personal goals? On one hand we are being told what we have to accomplish to be viewed as successful in life, on the other we are being told you HAVE to make time for yourself by going to the spa and having “me” days to be a rested and fulfilled woman. What in the actual fuck. So if you don’t take time for yourself, you feel like a failure. And if you do? Yup! You still feel like a failure because of all of the things you’re not getting done. Do you see how this is a mindfuck? It actually can make you less motivated because you adopt a “can’t win” attitude. So listen up, it’s time to get your motivation back and here’s how you can start.

Get A Day Planner

I put literally everything into a day planner. Some days are busier than others. So I need a clear vision of what I have coming and if I can fit anything else in. If you want to start working out more, fill out your day. See where it will fit. See how much time you can put towards it. It doesn’t have to be a two hour workout every day. If you can fit twenty minutes in on Monday and an hour on Friday then do that. Decide how many times a week you want to do it and pencil it in. Do this with treat days for yourself too. Pencil in your hair or eyebrow appointments. Have it jotted down and then the time has already been made. You just have to follow through.

Create A Vision Board

It’s easy to lose motivation when you only dream about what you want to accomplish. You get busy and then forget. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, it’s hard to forget when you have a big ass vision board detailing what you want to accomplish right in your face every day. Cut out words and pictures of each step of your goal, including the end result. Slowly work towards those things. It’s a nice reminder of what you want to get done, plus it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Take Your Time

Sometimes when you put a time on something, it’s like a dreadline, not a deadline. I don’t work well with a time limit. I work well with small steps and a little celebration of each along the way. Take your time and enjoy the process. Don’t look at what you’re not doing. Look at what you ARE accomplishing. Take in that feeling for a moment. That feeling alone will keep you motivated to keep going.

Tell Yourself You’re A Fucking Lion

I know it can sound lame, but reading affirmations and quotes about what you want can really go a long way. If you keep being told you’re a fucking lion, you’re going to feel like one. Uplift yourself. No one else is going to do that for you. Remind yourself how strong you are. This isn’t beating you. Nothing can unless you let it. You’re bigger than any goal you set and you need to remind yourself of that every day.

Be Reasonable

You aren’t feasibly going to be able to take a day off of work just because you want a facial. You also aren’t going to be able to lose thirty pounds in a week by working out non-stop. Be honest with yourself about how you can achieve what you want and every damn day set out to achieve it a little bit at a time. Everything has a balance. It’s when you get out of balance that motivation can teeter to the wayside. Too much can wear you out and make you lose your way because you’re going to be too tired to do anything. Too little will make you forget what you wanted to begin with. Try to find the balance that works for you and your goals.

Get Back Up

If you’ve been watching calories for two weeks and working out hard on schedule and then pizza happened, so what? You put in the time and the effort to get as far as you did. Pizza shouldn’t take that away from you. Enjoy every bite. Have another slice. Do whatever is going to make you happy. Book a “yay me” massage and go out for a nice supper with wine and appetizers. These are rewards. Life is too short to constantly be chasing, chasing, chasing. However, if you want to keep going towards your goals, get back on your path the next day. Slip ups are fine! Taking time for yourself is great! Not for a solid week straight though. Get yourself back up and inch your way towards your goal again, making sure you have treat days sprinkled along the way for a little motivation.

Enlist Your Friends And Family

It’s hard to keep on track when things pop up in your day to lure you away from it. If I have to write, I tell my friends so that a coffee invite won’t take me out the door. If I’m trying to cut carbs, I tell my husband so he can make the pancakes rather than me having to stand and have that deliciousness waft in my face. Sometimes you need help. That’s absolutely normal. It’s always nice to hear that you’re doing a good job and sometimes you need someone to remind you of how far you’ve come. Let them tell you. Let them help keep you motivated to keep going. You’re not super human. Everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It gives a boost and a reminder that you’re doing it.

Motivation can be tricky. Even if you collapse on your shower floor at the end of a long day, crying and unsure how you’re going to reach the things that you want, take it in. Let yourself be sad. Feel what you want to feel. Then wake up the next morning and remind yourself that you’re a fucking lion and it’s time to roar.

xo S