There can come a point in marriage and dating where maybe the same old doesn’t work anymore. Let’s face it, after a couple of years that “bag of tricks” that you pride yourself on isn’t full of surprises anymore. Those tricks have been used my dear. So if you have no clue as to how to plan a “special” date night, then maybe try one of these. DISCLAIMER: just because I have ideas for sexy date nights, don’t be thinking that this is always going on over at my house. Unless one of you knows where I can find myself a men’s firefighter outfit, if that’s the case then let me know and don’t call for a couple of days.

Try Role Playing

This is solely to your personal taste. Are you and your partner a banker and a sexy and distraught client in dire straits? Or maybe you are alone one night when a police officer comes to the door worried about your safety? How about the old standby french maid who is trying to get some cleaning done around the house? You get my drift. You put on a costume and pretend to be other people for a night. I would like to point out that if you should ever go past my house and see a firefighter climbing up my house and knocking on my window, then keep moving. Nothing to see here. Just my husband pretending to be a firefighter.

Plan A Different Kind Of Supper

I mean naked. A naked supper. If you plan on cooking using oil or something, then cook it while clothed and serve it to your partner naked. Try to put a little bit of thought into the menu. Naked macaroni and cheese might not be the turn on you expected it to be. Also, naked supper date might not be the time to try that super hot fondue out. Put music on, light candles and serve your loved one in the nude. Skin to the wind my friends. They will love it. And if completely naked and food doesn’t work for you, then serve it in a tiny apron with nothing under it. Just as sexy and you won’t accidentally put your breast on the plate when serving it.

Dirty Talk

If you are normally pretty tame, then why not try a little bit of dirty talk. This is something that you have to ease into. Don’t start screaming swears like you have Tourette’s.
Start off slow and if they seem into it, then kick it up a notch. If they seem very uncomfortable, then maybe discuss with them what’s happening. That way they know you haven’t just gone crazy. Try to start off asking questions and by trying to get your partner to talk about what they want you to do. Don’t just walk in, rip off your shirt and call them the c- bomb. Well, not at first anyway. That’s more of a seasoned pro move.

Try A Quickie

If you have children, then you know just how hard it is to get some one on one time with your partner. There comes a time where you might have to both slip into a closet to “look for something”. Or you both happen to be in the shed because the “lawn mower won’t start”. Whatever works. Even if you only have ten minutes alone in the bathroom. It might be time to start to use those ten minutes to accomplish something besides running a bath for your child. Make those ten minutes count.

Location, Location, Location

Remember those times when you were a teenager and you didn’t make it out of the driveway before your boyfriend had your top off? Well why not relive those days for a night. Pull out a date that would have happened in high school. We all know that sex usually happened at the end (hell, sometimes even the beginning) of those. Take a blanket and lay out in a field under the stars, go on a hike in a secluded area. Take a drive down some gravel roads. You will get that spark back in no time flat.

Get Out Of Your Usual Routine

If you have sex scheduled for a certain time of night or day of the week, then throw a monkey wrench in that and try to recapture some sex of your youth. Morning sex is a great way to remind your partner that you’re still into throwing down. Plus, if you haven’t had morning sex in a while, will put a little pep in their step when they go to work. If you have to, set your alarm even. Make sure you beat any child waking up, or before you have to hop in the shower for work.

It’s All In The Position

I love apples. But if I had to have the same apples every day for ten years, then I might just get sick of them. Maybe it should be time to throw a green apple in here and there. The same is with positions during sex. Missionary is great and all, but much like a turtle, I’m going to get pissed off if I keep getting flipped on my back. Mix it up. If you’re stuck for ideas then go to a bookstore and buy a book, or go online and look some up. You’ll both be thankful when the usual routine ends up to be some kind of acrobatic act. Especially if neither of you gets hurt in the process.

The Element Of Surprise

No, I don’t mean surprise your man with a prostitute or something…..that’s going a bit too far. But if they are away working, see if you can show up as a sexy surprise. Or if you know what time they are going to be home, have the stage set for a little sexuality as soon as they walk in the door. Being wanted is a turn on for just about everyone. Don’t be shy to show them that you’ve been thinking about them or that you couldn’t wait until they got home. Clothes will be hitting the floor faster than when I hear the words “there’s a wood tick on your shirt”.

A Special Kind Of Sex Toy

Ok, hear me out on this. I have spoken before about using toys in the bedroom. Well did you know that you can buy penis casting kits? So instead of just using a regular old sex toy modeled after god knows who (lol), you can make a mold of your man to have forever. Plus, what a fun little activity for the both of you to do together. And if he doesn’t want to, they do make such a thing as handcuffs. He will have to agree to it one way or the other. (I would like to note that when I wrote that I cackled like an evil genius and my husband just gave me the downward eyebrows side eye. He knows trouble is afoot and is not pleased).

Sometimes a couple needs a little bit of help to throw some sparks back in. Life is fast and busy. Kids,  work, bills, everything starts to add up. Pretty soon, you can start to wonder what happened. Time that used to be spent on sex all over the place has been replaced with walking the dog, getting the mail and picking up some groceries. Both men and women need to feel as though their partner is still attracted to them. It’s not a bad thing. It takes effort to keep things fresh and sexy. So get out there and have some fun. Also, firefighter gear catalogues can be sent to the email on this site. Thanks ;).

xo Stephanie