It’s almost been a year now since April and I have started our jewelry line. As crazy enough as that sounds, we have been blessed with some incredible opportunities. One being to have some of our customized bracelets at the be. real Retreat being held at the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa & Resort in Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia on September 20-23 2018. Crazy, right?!?! We are so honoured to be able to be a part of it! I caught up with Tryna Gower (the brains and beauty behind the retreat) to get some of the details to share with you.

Tryna is a Cree Métis Canadian who was born and raised in Dawson Creek, BC. She is a psychic medium, author, photographer, and entrepreneur. Even with all of that on her plate, she found the time to start the be.real retreat in 2014. (And it seems out of all of the questions I asked her, how are you so good at multitasking was the one that I missed lol). Anyhow, now that I have probably missed a really valuable life lesson, here is a bit about the retreat.

This retreat is to help you transform your life. It’s now in its fifth year and offers meditation, healing, self discovery, manifesting, and will help you explore your spirit with the help of 5 healers ( three mediums, a somatic energy healer and a medicine man). These healers will be coming from Mexico, Austria, USA and Canada. The experience will help you clear energetic blocks and to heal. It will also help you take back your inner power, regain your confidence, discover your own special gifts and intuition and strengthen your connection with your own spirit. Plus, you will leave with connections with world class healers, teachers, and will have a lifelong community to continue to grow and expand your knowledge and experience with. Tryna has really made it her personal goal to help people transform their lives to help create what they really want.

I asked Tryna about planning the retreat and if she had any tips to help someone else who ever looked at planning a large event like this, and honestly, her answer was everything I wanted it to be. First of all, this idea came to her in a dream. She was pitching her idea to Oprah (who Tryna said wasn’t biting, by the way lol) and after her dream, all of the speakers and healers stepped into her life effortlessly. Like this event was destined to happen. She said she has also physically channeled the majority of it, so listening to her guides in meditation has gone a long way.

When I asked what she’s the most proud of about the retreat, she replied with an answer that I have to repeat word for word, because you can feel how proud she is of what these retreats have accomplished so far. “ I am the most proud that I am developing a strong discipline of listening to spirit. The creation of it is all spirits guidance, it knows the way and brings me things and circumstances greater than I could have thought of on my own. When I dial in and listen to the inner me, everything goes perfectly. When I try to THINK and use my ego to push things along, things falter, I feel stressed and things become ‘out of alignment’ with the true path of the event. This has taught me to trust in instincts and myself and just listen. When I see the transformations in everybody,including the team, it makes my heart sing. I have seen the lives transform of every single person involved, including my team and me”.

When it comes to packing for the retreat, comfort is the key. You’re there to be YOU and to be comfortable in your own skin and clothes. Bring some extra layers, because it is in Canada, a journal, yoga mat and meditation cushion if you have one. The rest is just about showing up and being real.

I had to ask Tryna what advice she would go back and give her 20 year old self, and she literally gave my 37 year old self a new mantra. She said she would go back and tell herself that “ relationships are a reflection of you. When you truly love yourself, you will attract and keep the right people in your life”. Excuse me momentarily while I get that painted on signs for every room of my house because that’s some of the best advice I’ve ever read.

Finally, I asked what are three rules of life she lives by. I’m going to use her exact words again because I feel as though these are all things that we can really take something away from.

1. “Go for it! When I feel something that gnaws at me, I go for it. Risk taking and success go hand in hand. And I don’t mean financial success. I mean, when you KNOW something, regardless of the limitations or judgement, you must do what YOU desire and live the life that calls you”.

2. “Be you under every circumstance. I believe we must all be our authentic self no matter what or who says otherwise. That can be a challenge for some people because they fear judgment and conformity keeps the peace. Inner peace comes first I say”.

3. “The truth will set you free. Sometimes others don’t agree with your truth, or simply don’t understand it, but the truth is our saving grace.”

A huge thank you Tryna for the uplifting words, and of course for having Good As Gold Living at your retreat. April can’t wait to go and be a part of it. I hope that she comes back with enough peace and wisdom for the both of us lol.

If any of you are interested about attending the retreat or learning some more about Tryna, you can contact her by:

xo S