An Apple A Day Keeps The ……. Dull Skin Away?

August 24th, 2016|Beauty|

We live in a world where you can buy a lotion or potion to fix anything beauty related. While I don’t have a problem with trying these things out, I often wonder if we are doing what we can on an everyday platform to help ourselves. Did you know that

Beauty And The Bad Attitude

May 23rd, 2016|Beauty|

As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for a while, I’ve come to realize something. It’s a pretty hard shtick to deal with sometimes. I understand that in a workplace that’s usually pretty female dominant, you can get some cattiness. Why? I

Look To The Past For Your Next Beauty Inspiration

April 21st, 2016|Beauty|

They say that everything that was once in style comes back around. It’s true. After all, this past year we have seen an ode to the seventies on every designers runway shows. What about beauty looks though? Yes it’s true for them as well. So the next

Do It Yourself Easter Bath Bombs

March 15th, 2016|Beauty, Health, Motherhood|

The Easter Bunny is just a couple of hops away. If you have kids this can mean a sugar rush like no other. If you want to cut back on a little sugar this year, or if your little ones belly has a hard time with candy, then give these home made bath bo

Spring Essentials

March 4th, 2016|Beauty, Fashion, The Home|

Since I’m salivating at the thought of Spring, I thought I would do a write up of some things that everyone needs when the sun comes out and the snow finally starts to melt. Can I get a fucking Hallelujah? These are standard tried and true items to h