I’m Proud Of You

January 15th, 2020|Get Inspired, Health, Life, Motherhood|

Yesterday I had shared a post on Good As Golds Facebook page that said “The ghosts of all the women you used to be are so proud of who you have become”. Awesome, right? Reading it just made me feel good. The reaction to it from other people made me t

Are You Paying Attention?

January 6th, 2020|Get Inspired, Health, Life, The Home|

Have you ever found a feather out of the blue? Maybe while you were out walking or when you were tidying up the house? If you’re paying attention, it should stop you in your tracks a bit. Stop what you’re doing and take in the moment because usually

Lean Into Change

December 8th, 2019|Get Inspired, Health|

I used to always deal with things the same way. Get anxiety, get angry, freak out, then feel ashamed for freaking out. Repeat. This past little while I’ve switched things up, and let me tell you, it has been very eye opening.

Now, when I say I swi

Halloween Party Playlist

October 29th, 2019|Get Inspired, The Home|

Is there anything better than a Halloween party? No. No there is not. If you’re planning a get together this Halloween, then download these songs for a guaranteed spooky and sexy time. You’re welcome.

1. I Put A Spell On You – Marilyn Manson
2. I

Bitchin’ Painted Pumpkins

October 22nd, 2019|Get Inspired, How-To, The Home|

Have you ever tried painting pumpkins instead of carving them? It’s a great way to end up with something unique and different, while still being crafty as all hell. Plus, you don’t have to mess around with pumpkin guts. Here are some of my favourite

When In Doubt, Look To The Moon

October 8th, 2019|Get Inspired, Health, How-To|

A little look at setting your intentions with each moon phase. Have you ever tried this? During the last full moon that we had, I wrote down all of my intentions on a piece of paper. I was specific about what I wanted to come my way. The next day I s

Motivational Monday

September 30th, 2019|Get Inspired, Health, Life, The Home|

Ah, another Monday. Some people love them and some people dread them. If you’re looking to change your Monday outlook, then why not try to follow the four agreements of life. It’s a great way to start your week and get your mind right.

1. Be Impec