Chalk Painting

April 18th, 2014|The Home|

If you have any old furniture in your house that needs a face lift I would like to throw the idea of using chalk paint into the ring. It’s a well known paint used for furniture but you can basically use it for anything. It’s best known for being one

Adult Easter Egg Time

March 28th, 2014|The Home|

Every year when Easter rolls around I get super excited to dye eggs. Sometimes though you want to be able to put your decorated eggs around your house without having a color explosion everywhere you look. So I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some

Spring Wake Up For Your Home

March 9th, 2014|The Home|

Spring has sprung! Time to shake off those dull winter blues, add a little pep in your step and freshen up your home a bit. There are lots of budget friendly ways to take on this task. These are some of my favorite ways to add a fresh feeling to the