There IS A Cure For The Summertime Blues…. A Couple, Actually….

We have all been there. You find yourself looking around during the day to see if you’ve been magically transported to hell. Nope. You’re just having the worst fucking day imaginable. I have days where I drop everything I touch, the dog hair multiplies by at least ten, my son doesn’t listen and talks back and then a headache starts to creep in. Instead of carrying on and trying to keep swimming upstream against a day that’s kicking your ass, take some time out and try one of these ideas to get back on track. That dirty floor can wait to be swept. Sometimes you just need to take half an hour (or more) for yourself. Give it a try.

1. Have a good cry. Sometimes you just need that emotional release to feel better.

2. Take a nice hot bath. Bonus points for candles and some essential oil and Epsom salt.

3. Go for a walk. It’s a great way to clear your mind and release some endorphins.

4. Stretch. It can relax your muscles and your mind.

5. Have a cup of tea. Add some lemon and honey and it’s like a warm hug on the inside.

6. Take your shoes off. Take a walk barefoot in the grass or put your feet in a lake. Connect with nature and ignore the craziness of life for a minute.

7. Cook. Take your time prepping and following a recipe. It will take your attention away from things that are bothering you.

8. Buy some flowers. When you have a pretty floral arrangement to look at, you won’t notice that ball of cat hair rolling past your feet.

9. Talk to your friends. A good laugh with friends just about cures anything.

10. Play with your pets. Take a minute to remember why you don’t usually mind sweeping the floor twenty times a day.

11. Paint. Take something old that’s been bothering you when you look at it and give it a couple coats of paint. It doesn’t take that long and is very relaxing to do. Plus, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something when you’re done.

12. Clean. Sometimes a little organization is great to clear the mind. This one is my go to. I take everything down and dust and then find new places to put everything back. It’s like a home makeover without the money.

13. Put on music. Put on your favourite songs and dance and sing. Loudly and terribly.

14. Eat the damn cake. If you’re in a shit mood, have that treat that you know is bad for you but makes you feel happy.

15. Remember it’s just a bad day. Tomorrow is a new chance to grab life by the balls. Yesterday might have been a write off, but you can always have a better day tomorrow.


June 27th, 2017|Health|

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