If you’re looking for a super easy and beautiful craft to do, then check this out. Why not try making your own mercury glass? You can apply this technique to vases, mason jars, old Christmas tree ornaments, old mirrors for an antique feel, stemware and regular glasses. Basically, you can go to the dollar store and buy any piece of glass they have or refurbish some old stuff you have kicking around and make it look like a pricey piece. Sounds awesome right? It’s perfect for giving your old stuff a quick update or a great way of making a wedding look polished and perfectly put together for a low price. Here are the steps:image


1. Water
2. Vinegar
3. Krylon “Looking Glass” Spray Paint
4. Spray Bottle


1. Mix 1 part water and 1 part vinegar in your spray bottle. If you do a half cup of each you will have more than enough.

2. Lightly spritz your piece of glass with the water/vinegar mixture. Make sure it’s barely beading. If it starts to run then you will have to dry it off and re spray. You don’t want to drench it. After you’re done spritzing, then give it a light coat of paint.

3. Since you are spritzing your glass with a liquid first, make sure every step of this is done as lightly as possible. You need a light touch. The spray paint is runny AND your adding it to something that’s already wet. Don’t drench it with paint. Use light, short strokes to ensure that you don’t overspray it. Lots of light coats will make it turn out better.

4. Let your first coat dry for about a minute, then blot it gently with a soft cloth. Do not wipe or rub it. The paint will still be a little wet. You just want to blot it a bit gently without taking the paint off.

5. Repeat this process three or four times. That will leave you with a more see through result. If you like the look of more of a solid patina, then keep going. You have complete control over how this project turns out.

Just like that you can have centerpiece vases wedding worthy or you can revamp your old Christmas ornaments. I hope that you try it, it’s really to easy not too! Let me know how your do it yourself mercury glass turns out!

xo Stephanie