If you read my last post about pumpkin pie body butter, then you’ll get why I wanted to make my own diffuser blend called “sex in the pumpkin patch” ( Derek said just use the pumpkin pie blend and add some musk because he’s gross lol ). So it got me thinking about not disgusting blends for the fall. Let’s start with these and I’ll keep working on cracking the code for the other one.

Spiced Cider

5 drops orange
2 drops ginger
2 drops cinnamon


4 drops cypress
2 drops orange
2 drops frankincense

Orchard Stroll

3 drops bergamot
2 drops orange
2 drops cedarwood

Fall Leaves

5 drops orange
1 drop patchouli
1 drop ginger


3 drops frankincense
3 drops orange
2 drops clove


2 drops geranium
2 drops lemon
2 drops ylang ylang
1 drop roman chamomile

Morning Fog

2 drops clove
2 drops cypress
2 drops frankincense
1 drop peppermint

Sweater Weather

3 drops eucalyptus
2 drops juniper berry
1 drop white fir

Hot Toddy

3 drops cheer
2 drops cassia
3 drops citrus bliss

Cozy Blanket

3 lavender
2 frankincense

Minute Latte

3 peppermint
1 thieves
1 copalba

Pumpkin Patch

3 orange
2 nutmeg
1 cinnamon
1 clove
1 ginger

Ginger Snap

3 drops ginger
2 drops cassia
2 drops clove

Crisp Walk

2 drops frankincense
2 drops patchouli
1 drop lavender
1 drop rosemary

Apple Pie

2 drops clove
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops ginger

Apple Cider

4 drops wild orange
3 drops cinnamon
3 drops ginger

If you get one of these rocking on a cool, rainy, fall day, you’ll be amazed at how good they make your home feel. What’s your favourite fall scent? Also, if you have any ideas on how to create the “sex in the pumpkin patch” blend, let me know.

xo S