Feeling Stuck? Give Yourself An Easy Update

It’s human nature to feel blah sometimes, especially during these drab and gloomy winter months. I feel as though the number one thing that a lot of women need to realize is that it can be very easy to give yourself a little harmless update that won’t break the bank or make you cringe about walking out the door. You don’t need to make a grand beauty or fashion gesture to give your look a little zing. Here’s how.

* Tie a colorful scarf to the loop that holds the strap of your everyday purse.
A pop of color or pattern from a scarf is a great way to add some interest to a bag that you’re getting bored of. Plus, you can keep changing the scarf whenever your mood strikes.

* Use a brooch in your hair instead of a bobby pin.
You’ll get all the same benefits of a plain bobby pin but with extra wow factor.

* Part your hair a different way.
This is one of the simplest ways to give yourself a little makeover. People get used to seeing you a certain way. Everyone will see that you’ve done something but they probably won’t be able to pinpoint what.

* Try some bangs.
This one is a bit more of a commitment. As scary as it may be, bangs can be great. They’re a great way to update your hair without losing all of your length.

* Wear a colorful lipstick.
If you’re a gloss gal, a red or bright lipstick can completely change your look up. Plus, if you wear a bright mouth the rule of thumb is you generally wear less on the eyes. Extra time for you in the morning for a second cup of coffee!

* Try the new glitter lip.
This one would be a night out thing, but they’re super cool and easy to do. I plan on doing a post about the new glitter lip trend, but imagine glitter…on your lips….as lipstick…..amaaaaaazing.

* Throw on some colored mascara.
The eyes are the window to the soul, right? Well an easy way to attract more attention to them is to throw the black mascara away for a day and try a colored mascara for some extra fun.

* Add some fake tan.
With the self tanners out now that are completely fool proof, there’s no more fear in trying out some gorgeous glowing skin. I especially like to put some on before special events in the winter when I’m feeling extra pasty and sad.

* Reinvent your manicure.
If you’re a beige nail lady, then why not try a vampy deep green or maroon for a change. If you’re always playing with the dark side, then lighten things up. You can always go back to your usual favorite if you don’t like it.

* Update your hair color.
No. I don’t mean do something drastic. I mean darken your roots, lighten your ends, get some highlights or try a wash out pastel color. Playing around is the only way you’ll find out if you really like something. Sometimes it will lead you to the best hair color of your life (and without the damage of dying it, hating it and dying it back).

* Add some highlight.
Your skin can look dull in the winter. Try a highlighter on your cheekbones and under your eyebrows to brighten up your face. Bonus: All of your eyeshadow compacts will come with at least one light highlighter.

* Focus on your brows.
If you’re not a huge makeup gal, a little eyebrow makeover can really change your look. It can also be very easy to do. Tint them with a little eyebrow gel or fill them in with some pencil or powder. Remember to keep the lines clean and to focus on your arch. If you make a mistake, just take a deep breath and chant to yourself “Anything can be fixed with a q-tip”.

* Wear a pair of false eyelashes.
For the women that are used to doing a smokey eye on the daily, try a doe eyed look with the help of some false eyelashes. You simply put the lashes on and add a bit of eyeliner on the top lash line to blend them. Add some mascara to the top and bottom lashes and you’ll have big, dramatic eyes without a lot of product.

* Play with pattern.
If you’re used to wearing all black or neutrals all of the time, a patterned scarf or coat can really add interest. You don’t even need to get wild with color or anything. An all black ensemble is always chic with a leopard print coat over it.

* Try out texture.
Suede, patent leather, tweed, these are all things you can effortlessly add to your wardrobe without them being too wild. A great suede bag or boot in the winter are amazing when they’re paired with your favorite pair of jeans and knit sweater. Plus, they transition into spring, summer and fall very easily.

* Wear some accessories.
The simplest way I’ve come across yet to add some interest to your outfit is with accessories. If you only wear earrings, try a statement necklace. If you only wear delicate chains, try a pair of eye catching earrings. It’s all about balance. Plus, accessories won’t take away from the overall look that you’re used to. You don’t want to lose yourself completely. You just want to add a little flair to something you feel is getting dated or boring for you.

Change is a good thing when it’s done in a way that doesn’t leave you crying in your bedroom. Take it slow and see what you like. I find with accessories, they’re easy to find and they don’t break the bank. The same goes with your makeup. A little change can go a long way. Once you get used to that, try something else that you’ve always wondered about. Personally, whenever I get the urge to dye my hair pastel pink, I reach for some pink lipstick and always end up thinking “Whoa. That’s enough change for me”. Try it out and let me know what your favorite new addition to your look book is.

xo Stephanie

November 15th, 2016|Beauty, Fashion|

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