Did you know that you can add a kick to your garden by choosing certain plants? Some plants have certain jobs besides looking pretty. They can aid in all sorts of things pertaining to your life. If you’ve been having some trouble lately, take a gander at which of these could help you and throw it up on the windowsill. Hey, what could it hurt?

Aloe- Luck and protection
Carnation- Protection and strength
Chamomile- Passion and sleep
Chrysanthemum- Strength
Clover- Wealth and success
Dandelion- Divination
Heather- Protection and luck
Hibiscus- Love and lust
Holly- Protection
Honeysuckle- Wealth and spirit
Jasmine- Love and wealth
Lavender- Peace and happiness
Lilac- Exorcism and love
Lily- Healing
Marigold- Protection
Myrtle- Fertility
Poppy- Love and sleep
Rose- Healing and love

I think it’s really neat to go down the list and see which you are attracted to first or which one is your favourite. Usually that’s the universe telling you what you could use a little more of in your everyday life. Or what you should be trying to achieve. I, for one, have always loved Lavender. So it looks like I’m focusing on peace and happiness. Which is your favourite?

xo S