I find that when the seasons change, a part of my style from the previous season tries to linger over. Mainly because I let myself get into a routine and then I’m in a style rut. If you have the same problem, then try some of these ideas to keep things fresh as the weather changes.

Try Some Interesting Shoes

If you find yourself in a rut, try throwing some interesting shoes into the mix. They’re a great way to mix up your look. For fall, try velvet flats or if you’re wearing a bunch of fall jewel tones, then try some pointy pumps in an eye catching color. They will add a bit of interest to your ensemble.

Ease Into Color

If you are someone that has fallen into the cycle of wearing black everyday, then the most obvious thing for me to tell you to try to do is to add some color. However, if you don’t like bright colors then start slow. Try a deep burgundy, plum or navy blue. It still gives you a bit of color without making you feel uncomfortable.

Layer Your Jewels

Chunky rings, necklaces and earrings are great ways to add some interest to your regular wardrobe and are super fun. If you want to play by the rules, then never play up more than two area at a time (I personally don’t follow that one). I do follow the rule of making sure that they all have an element that makes each piece go together. For example, that each piece you have on has gold in it ect. If you mix and match a bunch of metals on large pieces of jewelry it can be overwhelming.

Don’t Overspend On A Trend

All of the new seasonal pieces that come out never stay in style as long as a good classic piece. Wool sweaters, blazers, and dress coats in neutral colors will always be worth the money. A printed dress in the color of the moment will be around for just that, a moment.

Get Inspired

Even if you don’t like social media, it can still be very useful. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration or to see how someone else would put an outfit together. Why not try a search on Pinterest or Google to see if you can find a style that you like. You can also try Instagram by searching things like #mixingprints or #preppy. Sometimes seeing how stylish people mix their wardrobes will give you a good boost to do the same.

Make A Small Tweak

No one has the time or money to be able to fill your closet with new goodies every season. So try some small changes to the pieces that you already own. Switch the buttons on your blazers and jackets to update them, starch the shoulders of a button down shirt to instantly give it polish, or destruct a pair of already owned jeans to give you a bit of rock and roll edge.

Create Contrast

Even if you like to wear black, there are ways to update a monochromatic look. Just use different textures throughout your pieces to make them a bit more interesting. Try a black mohair sweater with a black leather jacket mixed with your black pants. It will make your usual style look new.

Expire With Makeup

If the color of the season is hot pink, that doesn’t mean you have to go charging down to the mall to purchase things in that color. Especially if you don’t really like it. Instead, try it out with a hot pink lip first to see how you feel about it. The easiest way to try colors out that you aren’t very sure about is to incorporate them into your makeup. They won’t be nearly as noticeable, and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing that small of an amount then it’s safe to say that purple coat isn’t for you.

Most people think that it takes a lot of money and a makeover to update their look. That’s not the case at all. You just need to think about how you mix the pieces that you already own. You can easily pull yourself out of a style rut in no time.

xo Stephanie