Why You Should Go Nude This Summer

Ok perbers (that’s my sons word for perverts), before you get excited, I’m talking about nude nails. While yes, I would love to be walking around bare assed, I’m not….yet. I’m saving that for a different place in my life. Anyhow, let me make the case for nude nails during the summer. Only because I feel like bright colours always nudge nudes out the door this time of the year.

1. It makes your fingers look longer and thinner. Just in time for when your hands swell during the summer heat.

2. You won’t have to touch them up nearly as much because nicks won’t be nearly as visible.

3. Nude literally goes with every colour that you may or may not be wearing. You can easily go from the cabin to a wedding without having to worry if your nails will be too obnoxious.

4. Bees won’t think that your fingers are flowers in bloom.

5. Fish won’t think that your toes are bright and shiny fishing lures.

6. Nude looks great with gold. So you can always try an accent nail for a little pop without it being too loud or edgy for your style.

7. Actually, nude looks great paired with every colour. So feel free to try out some new nail art.

8. It will bring out the tan that you’ve gotten by working hard in your garden.

9. Nude will always be in style, so there is no buyers guilt that the colour will be passé in fifteen minutes.

10. It will oddly make you stand out because everyone else is rocking the brights right now.

So there you have it. Those are my reasons as to why you should nude it up this summer…. and fall….and winter lol. What’s your favourite manicure colour?


August 1st, 2017|Beauty, Fashion|

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