Have you ever wondered what all the jazz is about herbal teas? Well, it turns out they can do a lot for you. I always have a lot of “teagret” this time of the year when it starts getting cold outside. By this, I mean I realize that I haven’t had nearly enough tea in my life and I make a lot of vows to change that. So, if you’re out shopping for some new tea to try, why not look for some of these that basically do everything you’ve ever hoped that a non-alcoholic beverage could do. Bonus soul sister points if you drink it while looking like a hobo in sweatpants and unbrushed hair. Twinsies!!

Green Tea
Green tea is high in antioxidants, it reduces bad cholesterol, it promotes healthy cell growth and has a relaxing and calming effect in your body. It’s a lighter tasting tea and is great cold as well.

Black Tea
Black tea lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, regulates your blood sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory agents hard at work.

Oolong Tea
Oolong helps aid weight management and helps alleviate all different kinds of skin conditions. So if you’re looking for a beauty tea…. Here she is.

White Tea
White tea is the bad bitch of the tea world because it has the highest antioxidant properties. It’s also low in caffeine, can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and is antibacterial.

Rooibos Tea
Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, has tons of benefits for skin irritations and contains cancer fighting properties. I find Rooibos to be a heavier and earthier tea. Not my personal fave but great for when you’re looking for something a little more hearty.

Peppermint Tea
Not only will this keep spiders away (so basically it’s the holy tea Grail) but it’s also a decongestant, an anti-inflammatory, and it helps suppress your appetite.

Ginger Tea
Ginger tea has antihistamine properties, is an anti-inflammatory, it eases motion sickness and is a great flavor booster. Anything ginger is great for stomach troubles.

Stinging Nettle Tea
Stinging nettle tea is highly recommended to remedy seasonal allergies, it can give you a boost of energy, and is a great aid for treating arthritis.

Yerba Mate Tea
Yerba mate helps to open the respiratory passage, it lowers lipids leading to reduced cholesterol, and helps lower blood pressure.

Lemon Balm Tea
Lemon balm is full of calming effects, it helps with the common cold and other respiratory problems, it alleviates digestive issues and helps treating headaches and toothaches.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is awesome for treating sleep and stomach problems. It’s also antibacterial. This is one of the most common herbal teas out there.

Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea helps lower blood pressure, it’s naturally high in vitamins and is a healthy diuretic. So drink this if you’re bloated.

Red Clover Tea
Red clover lessons period symptoms, can help protect against cardiovascular disease, and can reduce the Prostate-specific antigen.

Dandelion Tea
Dandelion stimulates digestion and can be used to treat hepatitis, jaundice, and dyspepsia. It helps with hot flashes and combats the formation of kidney stones. This is one tea that I’m pretty sure pregnant women can’t drink. And, it makes you poop. A lot.

Cinnamon Tea
Cinnamon tea lowers cholesterol, fights viruses, increases the bodies antioxidants, and helps with arthritis symptoms. Plus, when you make it your house smells like a giant Christmas Glade plug-in.

Now that you’re a tea expert, you can choose a type for whatever ails ya. I always have mint in my house at all times (totally because of the spider thing), but the teas that I always lean toward are usually light and refreshing. I like to make them in a big jug and throw some lemon and ice in and keep them in the fridge. It’s a great alternative to just plain water. Especially in the summer. Now that it’s cold though, I’m going to have to transition over to hot. What are your favorite teas? Hook a girl up and tell me the secrets that I don’t know about in the tea community. I’m always looking to try something new. Not like, exciting and sexy new… tea new. My husband isn’t that lucky. Here’s to keeping warm these upcoming winter months with a good book and some new tea.

xo Stephanie