Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and even then, that’s no excuse because I know damn well you would still have your phone with you under that rock), you probably know that herbal tea is good for you. Besides making you feel all warm and fuzzy when you drink it, it also has great benefits for your mind and body. Here are some different kinds and how they can positively affect you.

Dandelion- Liver support, anti-inflammatory, skin health. (Just a warning, dandelion makes you poop).

Red Clover- Immune support, wound healer, vitamin c

Motherwort- Lucid dreaming, regulates insomnia, anti-anxiety

Elderflower- Flu prevention, antibacterial, antiseptic

Echinacea- Cold prevention, eases cramps, aids digestion

Stinging Nettle- Arthritis pain support, menstrual support, astringent properties

Green- Speeds metabolism, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

Peppermint- Helps upset stomach and bloating

Ginger- Nausea, dizziness, eases cramps

There really is no bad time for a cup of tea. It has so many amazing properties and even just the act of making it is relaxing. What’s your favourite kind?

xo S