So, can you sense a theme in today’s writing? Don’t worry, I have one more drinking game post after this lol. Anyway, here is a drinking game that goes with one of my friend Nichole’s favourite movies. I don’t want to say that I’m trying to get her ass drunk, but I am.

Take A Sip

*Mary smells children
*”Sister’s” is said
*Max is referred to as Hollywood
*When Winnie says “BOOoooOOOooK”
*When Sarah sings
*Whenever the witches are tricked
*For every spell
*When Sarah says something stupid
*When Mary barks
*When Binx mentions Emily
*When Sarah says “Amuck amuck”

Take A Gulp

*The black flame candle is lit
*Every time Winnie hits one of her sisters
*When yabos are mentioned
*The books eye opens
*Virgin is mentioned
*When Winnie says “oh look, another glorious morning, makes me sick”

Take A Chug

*If you thought Binx’s name was Zachary instead of Thackeray
*Billy Butchers head is cut off
*Anytime Sarah makes a sexual advance
*When someone mentions the Sanderson myth

What’s your favourite line from Hocus Pocus? I’m just asking because you’ll have to drink to that one too. Just kidding, hope you enjoy playing. I know Nichole won’t lol.

xo S