It’s almost Halloween time, which means you’ll probably be getting together with some of your favourite ghosts and goblins. If you’re hosting a Halloween get together, then put on your favourite horror movie and try out this fun drinking game.

Drink If

*Somebody asks, “Did you hear that?”
*A car won’t start
*Somebody has sex
*Theres no signal
*Somebody trips
*Somebody screams
*Creepy or ominous music plays
*Somebody’s flashlight won’t work
*The attractive male/female takes their clothes off
*Somebody died in the house/hotel/place being stayed in
*The killer/monster/ghost can be seen in the mirror
*The killer is in the backseat
*Somebody hides in a closet

Drink Twice If

*Somebody goes alone to investigate a noise
*Somebody runs up or down stairs to get away
*There is a shower scene
*Anyone suggests splitting up
*Police don’t believe what’s happening
*There is a creepy child
*A warning is given
*The power goes out
*Somebody walks into a room without turning on a light
*The killer laughs
*Anyone asks “Why are you doing this?” Or “What do you want from me?”
*The killer catches the victim by walking

Take A Shot If

*The killer isn’t really dead
*Someone asks “Who’s there?”
*Somebody accidentally stabs/shoots/hurts themselves
*A mysterious door leading to another room is found
*A character miraculously escapes death
*Instead of leaving, the group decides to stay
*The killer winds up being a parent/friend/relative
*Somebody bleeds from their mouth
*The virgin lives

Aaaaaand you’re drunk lol. Happy Halloween! Don’t investigate that weird noise in the basement.

xo S