I always have a hard time remembering to drink enough water. Why you ask? Because I drink coffee until the afternoon to get through life a little more easily. Don’t judge. I’ve found in my caffeine highs, that if I don’t get enough water I feel off. So the easiest way for me to combat this is by making a big pitcher of infused water for my fridge. That way it literally stares me in the face every time I want a snack. Here are some great ways to yummy up your water.

1. Lemon and thyme

2. Cucumber,lime, strawberry and mint

3. Orange, star anise and hibiscus

4. Watermelon, honeydew and mint

5. Lime, ginger root and basil

6. Cucumber, mint and jalapeño

7. Lemon, raspberry and rosemary

8. Orange, blueberry and basil

9. Vodka and lemon

Now, I’m no health expert, but the last one is definitely my favourite lol. I can always easily up my water intake when I drink that one. If you ever decide to try number nine, call me.

xo S