I used to always deal with things the same way. Get anxiety, get angry, freak out, then feel ashamed for freaking out. Repeat. This past little while I’ve switched things up, and let me tell you, it has been very eye opening.

Now, when I say I switched things up, it’s because I had to. I had to change my way of thinking to give myself peace. I had to not take on other people’s feelings or actions because I was allowing myself to be wrapped up in choices that weren’t mine. So what did I do? I gave it to the universe to handle. Let me explain.

It’s very easy to be led down someone else’s path. I find myself doing it far too often, and because it’s not my path, it usually results in being hurt. Here’s the thing. It shouldn’t hurt, because it wasn’t my path to travel. I willingly made the choice to go. We are all searching for happiness and it’s no one else’s job to make me happy while they are trying to find their way. So, instead of the same old cycle, I’ve given my trust to the universe. What is meant for me will always find a way of getting to me, what isn’t, won’t. Plain and simple. When you look at things like that, you’ll notice some pretty big positives.

The first thing that I noticed, was I wasn’t angry. I’m a lot calmer and I don’t feel the need to argue a point that I know someone won’t see. It’s not theirs to see. Why would I feel so insecure that I would feel the need to get my point across anyway when it’s not necessary. Sometimes it’s futile and sometimes you just have to let things work out how they are meant to.

Another thing that I noticed was seeing the same numbers. Ah, now the universe was listening. It was giving back and showing me the ways that I’m supposed to go. Like a little clap on the back from someone steering me towards the best possible version of myself, for myself. It started with fours. Every time I would look at the clock it was always fours. After a couple of days of positive thinking and allowing the universe to do its job, it became elevens. Every clock read ones or elevens. Even the clocks that aren’t running on the right time. Every time I passed one it told me the same story. If you’re wondering, 11:11 means a sign angels are with you, that everything is a result of your thoughts and feelings, pay attention to your thoughts because an opportunity portal is opening up, and you are on a path of awakening as you evolve. Yes please to every damn one of them. Those all sound better than being full of anxiety over situations that aren’t in my control or power to change. On two separate occasions days apart, I asked my tarot cards the same question. On both days, I pulled the same card telling me to let go. To let things be. To put my trust into the universe and not wear myself out fighting against something I didn’t understand. As weird as that was, the number on the card? You guessed it. Eleven.

I feel as though I should point out that this can be good for every branch of your life. My husband doesn’t get this stuff, nor does he believe in it. He doesn’t have to. He’s doing what works for him (disclaimer: he is not the anxiety ridden mess that his wife is). I feel more at peace and happier, which in turn makes him happier because he’s not walking into tear city lol. It’s nice to relinquish some control, especially when it’s something you had zero say in anyway.

Of course I’m going to have bad days where I might find myself slipping back into old habits. I am human after all. Just because I’m seeing a bunch of elevens all the time doesn’t mean that I haven’t mastered the art of not wanting to slap a bitch sometimes, however, for the most part I’m trying to let go. I’m trying to not carry anything heavy that’s not mine to carry.  What’s that in the distance? Someone else’s bullshit? Well allow me to put it in the universes hands while I ride away from it. If I tell someone something and ask them to not repeat it and they get on the horn as soon as I leave? Ok, that ones just my bad. Even the universe can’t help with that one. BUT it will help me to realize who I can say what to. And that helps.

So, if you need me, I’ll be working on what is mine to work on. Anything else is not for me to get into. Here’s hoping seeing elevens aren’t a huge warning, because boy have I been going about this the wrong way then . What have been some signs that you’ve received from the universe giving you a message? Feathers? Pennies? Numbers? If it’s ever happened to you I would love to hear about it. Also, if elevens are a bad omen, you need to help a sister out and pass along the bad news. Or, send it out into the universe and it will make its way to me eventually when it’s supposed to.


xo S