Before this summer comes to an end, you need to try these cocktails. They are light, refreshing and delicious. Trust me, when it comes to cocktails, I have no problem trying these recipes tirelessly. What can I say, I’m selfless like that.

Here are the ingredients to each drink. I never like the actual way most people say to make it. I know what I like and would rather play bartender and use different proportions so that I think it tastes good. So play with the ingredients and see which way you prefer them.

Paloma Cocktail

Grapefruit and lime juice
Simple syrup
Club soda

Southside Fizz

Dry gin
Lemon and lime juice
Simple syrup
Club soda
Fresh mint

Champagne Grapefruit Mojito

Lime and grapefruit juice
Mint leaves
Light rum

St.Germaine aAnd Tonic

Tonic water
Fresh lime

White Peach Cooler

Peach purée
Peach vodka
Lime juice
Club soda
Fresh mint

Maui Island Breeze

Sparkling water
Cranberry juice
Pineapple juice

Try them out the way that you like them. Sometimes you want a heavier pour of alcohol, and sometimes it’s a family reunion and you know grandma can’t handle her hootch. Either way, they’re delicious and perfect for visiting or unwinding this summer.