Plants That Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Did you know that certain plants, when placed in your bedroom, can help you get a better sleep as well as reduce your anxiety? Well, it’s true. So if you find that you’re restless or anxious at night. Try some of these plants to help lull you off to dreamland.

1. Jasmine- Jasmine has sedative properties that can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

2. Gardenia- Studies have shown that the smell of gardenia flowers relax the body and brain as much as Valium.

3. Bamboo Palm- The bamboo palm has an air purifying score of 8.4. This makes it an amazing air purifier which will help with any respiratory problems while sleeping.

4. Valerian- The roots of this plant can be used as a mild sedative, while during flowering it gives off a vanilla scent which helps with sleep.

5. Honeysuckle- The fragrance of honeysuckle gets more prominent during dusk, which helps to relax you.

6. Rubber Tree Plant- The rubber plant is not only beautiful, it’s another great air purifier.

7. Peace Lilly- The peace lilly filters harmful toxins from the air and also gets rid of harmful microbes and impurities that could be disrupting your sleep.

8. Aloe Vera- This is considered to be one of the most effective plants for filtering out harmful toxins in the air. The real bonus though, is that it also releases oxygen during the night. It also has positive effects on your immune system.

9. Spider Plant- Spider plants can filter up to ninety percent of formaldehyde in the air. They also filter benzene, xylene, and carbon monoxide.

10. English Ivy Plant- This plant is very hardy and can survive in the shade. It’s great because it purifies the air so much that it can help people with allergies.

11. Lavender- Lavender promotes calmness. It can also lower heart rate and blood pressure.

12. Snake Plant- This is among one of the ten best air purifiers. It absorbs carbon dioxide and at the same time releases oxygen.

13. Pathos- These are very low maintenance plants and will even thrive in dark corners. They also have great air purifying qualities to help aid a better sleep.

14. Hoya- The sweet scent of these flowers have been known to help with relaxation and help with sleep.

If you’re having trouble getting relaxed enough to sleep well at night, try a couple of these plants in your bedroom. Some of them don’t even need bright light, which makes them very easy to look after. Who needs to count sheep when you can count leaves.


July 31st, 2017|Health|

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