Sending The Perfect Thank You

The summer brings a lot of things. For a lot of brides, it’s a time for wedding showers and weddings. You’ve done all of your preparing and have registered for gifts, gotten addresses and are officially ready for everything coming your way. It’s about to be so fast paced, that you may not have realized that it’s also the season for thank you cards. Here are some ways to send out the perfect thank you to all of the people that showed you such kindness.image

The Early Bird….Well, You Know How It Goes

The easiest way to stay on top of your thank you game is to be prepared. Buy your stationary early so that it’s at the ready and you won’t be running around later. Remember, you’ll need two sets. One for after your shower and another for after the wedding itself. Plus, the earlier you look, the better chance you have of finding stationary that goes with your theme or with who you are as a couple. You will even have the time to have some personalized. Rifle Paper Co. makes my absolute favorite stationary, and they personalize! Kate Spade also makes absolutely beautiful and unique stationary.

Stay Organized

During your shower, write down who brought what gift. The same goes for when you open up wedding gifts. Keep them all in the same book for convenience. Then there’s less of a chance one set will wind up missing. Better yet, buy a small notebook just for that reason. Cards, presentation, and gifts can all be written there along with addresses. It’s always good to have everyone write their address beside their names in the shower guest book as well.

Get At It

The sooner you write the cards, the easier it will be. Doing it while it’s fresh in your mind won’t leave you fumbling around and second guessing yourself. Plus, it will be nice to check that off of your to do list.


There are always people that get a little more offended every day that passes without a thank you in their mail box. They usually start with G and end with randma. Make sure you send those ones out first. If you know there is someone in town that loves to talk about everyone’s business, then put them at the top of the list too. The last thing you need is to hear about how ungrateful you are because you didn’t mail it out the second the shower or wedding ended.

The Couple That Make Thank You Notes Together Stay Together

This is not only a job for the bride. Get your grooms ass in there too. He knows his family better than you do. The key is to make each one personal. For this job, two heads are better than one. Also, with two of you, it’s easier to remember the small details like using your maiden name after the shower and married name after the wedding. It’s hard to get used to sometimes and without another set of eyes you might not catch your mistake. Trust me, you will write your maiden name more than once after the wedding. It’s a hard habit to break.

It’s All Bout The Details

When you write your notes, be sure to mention what the gift was, how much you enjoy it and how you plan to use it. It makes it more personal and you convey how thankful you are. Remember, these people didn’t have to buy your asses anything. They could have shown up, eaten some food and taken off in the night. Add a couple of conversation lines as well to show you didn’t just slap something on the card and fire it into the mail.

Much Ado About Money

If the gift was money, then thank them for their generosity or generous gift. Mention what you plan to use it for or if you plan to put it towards your honeymoon. NEVER write the amount that you received from them on your thank you card. They know what they sent.

Two Birds With One Stone

When you sit down to address your wedding invitations, which should be done before the shower, have your thank you stationary with you so you can address those envelopes at the same time. When you’re planning a wedding it’s very easy to misplace things, mainly because you’re walking around in a wedding to do daze. If you have the address in front of you, you won’t have a panic attack later if you can’t find it. Your envelopes will be done, just leaving the actual thank you notes to do later.

A well written thank you card can make people feel special and show your gratitude for any gifts you’ve received. A lot of people look at it as the final thing that you have to do after the wedding. Having them ready not only gives you more time to spend with each other, but also takes a lot of the pressure off. Happy writing!

xo Stephanie

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