Skin Helpers Made At Home

Ok, first things first, no amount of lotions or potions or prayers is going to give you the effects of Botox. That’s just not going to happen. However, there are some at home treatments you can mix up and try at home that can smooth fine lines and help tighten a bit. So, if you would like to try them (why not, what do you have to lose), then mix these bad boys up. If anything, they are quite relaxing, and you will see a bit of a change in your skin if you do them more than once. They are soothing and all natural. Please keep any food allergies in mind before you attempt them. I don’t want your face to blow off.

Cucumber- Cucumber juice soothes and refreshes. It hydrates and keeps skin moisturized. Mash up and apply to face.

Castor Oil- Castor Oil has a bunch of great skin benefits. Rub it into your face nightly before you go to bed.

Green Tea- Green tea is filled with antioxidants. Make some and let it cool and use it as a face splash or fill up a small spray bottle and give your snoots a spray once in a while to feel refreshed.

Banana- Banana is full of iron which makes it great for tightening. Mash a ripe banana and smooth it all over your face and neck.

Yogurt- Smoothing yogurt on your face can help tighten and gives skin a beautiful glow.

Cabbage- Cabbage is full of vitamin A,B,C and K. It can help prevent sagging and also draws out impurities. You can blend with water in the blender and apply as a mask or wet the leaves and drape on skin while laying down.

Almond Oil- Almond Oil can tighten and prevent sagging due to being full of vitamin E and is super moisturizing. Rub on skin every night before bed.

Egg Whites- This one has been around for a long time. Egg whites are rich in protein and improves skins elasticity. Beware though. This one does not smell like a rose bush. It smells like stink egg whites. Go figure.

Avocado- People use this to help firm skin and reduce fine lines. Just mash up and leave on face for as long as you like before you rinse.

Papaya- Use this one twice a week to help tighten saggy skin. You can use it as a mask or a face scrub to get great results. As a bonus, it does not smell like egg whites. So that’s good.

Have a get together with your friends and have everyone bring one homemade mask. That way, you can easily try them all and see which works best for you. They’re great to try while you’re getting some cleaning or laundry done or when you just want to have a relax day. Try them out and let me know what you think!


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