If you’ve ever wondered about what you’re snacking on, chances are it’s not that great for you. Here are some snacks that are good for your body and can help with boosting your metabolism and aiding weight loss. Get some in ya.

Cinnamon- Cinnamon can help with appetite and is great sprinkled on apples or in tea.

Hot Peppers- These will give your body a short metabolism boost.

Grapefruit- It’s full of fibre for better digestion.

Watermelon- It will fill you up without a high calorie content. Also, because it’s high in water, it will keep you hydrated.

Sweet Potato- It’s full of fibre and protein.

Eggs- They digest slowly so they keep you full for a long time. They’re filled with good protein and have few calories.

Coffee- Without sugar filled creamer, it can stimulate fat burning.

Vinegar- It can help to break down fat.

Milk- It digests slowly and keeps you feeling full longer.

Beans- Full of fibre.

Oatmeal- Whole grains will fill you up without the extra fat.

Celery- It’s mostly vitamins and water.

Blueberries- They’re loaded with antioxidants and fibre.

Greek Yogurt- It has tons of protein and very little carbs and fat.

Green Tea- Stimulates the metabolism.

Chicken Breast- High in good protein and will fill you up longer.

Ice Water- Your body will actually use energy which burns calories to warm it up.

Almonds- Has good fats that digest well.

Apples- Has flavonoids which fight fat. Plus a high fibre content.

Flaxseed- Contains good fats.

How is that for a healthy shopping list! Now, don’t be thinking you have to only have these things, but why not switch out one bad snack or supper item a day for one of these? The bonus is that most will keep you full so that you’re not reaching for the chip bag. I literally just heard my pants breath a sigh of relief lol.