The Keys To Having Minimum Clothing With Maximum Style

We live in a world that’s constantly producing things that we don’t need. You start to acquire more and more stuff with less and less space to put it. That’s one of the whole reasons why I put together a Good As Gold closet package. To help you organize the things that you need and that look great from those bar halter tops that you bought in the fall of 1994 that you haven’t looked at since. I find that everyone needs a jump off point as to what to purchase and hold on to. These are your classic keepers that you invest in and make room for. Here is a break down of literally the only things that you need. You’ll be comfortable and still look fashionable, no matter what the season. To make things easy for you, I’ve basically compiled a checklist to check off what you have so that you can make a note for what you can look for the next time you’re out shopping.


Black Pants
Skinny Jeans
Boyfriend Jeans
Flared Jeans
Leather Pants Or Leather Leggings
Black Leggings
Black Skirt
Black Shorts
Black Dress Pants
Navy Blue Dress Pants
Grey Dress Pants
Classic Linen Pants
Maxi Skirt


Black Tee
White Tee
Grey Tee
Black Tank Top
White Tank Top
Grey Tank Top
Silk Blouse
White Button Up Shirt
Cashmere Sweater
Knit Sweater
Black Cardigan


Black Blazer
Leather Jacket
Trench Coat
Warm Winter Coat
Dressy Winter Coat


Black Suit
Black Dress
Printed Dress
Black Jumpsuit
Maxi Dress


Black Stilettos
Patent Stilettos
Ankle Boot In A Neutral Color
Classic Flats
Dressy Sandals
Summer Sandals
Flip Flops


Gold Watch
Black Clutch
Printed Clutch
Diamond Studs
Leather Bag In A Neutral Color
Silk Scarf
Everyday Ring
Small Hoop Earrings
Statement Necklace
Statement Ring

And that, my friends, is essentially everything you need to make outfits for dress, work or play. I know that when you first read the list that it seems like a lot. Take a good gander though. Most of us own twice the amount of things just between our bags and T shirts! So if you’re looking to do a closet purge while you’re swapping out your summer clothes to transition into fall, then take a minute to go down the list. Getting dressed will never have been so easy.

xo Stephanie

August 30th, 2016|Fashion|

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