If you’re a mere mortal like me and not a fashion glamazon, then you know how ridiculous it is to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe based on colors and trends that will only be around for a season or two. Well, you can still update your look with some seasonal inspiration. Here are the new colors that have been trending on the runway for spring and how I would incorporate them into what I already own. I’m posting them as color swatches so that you can look at the true color and envision how you would choose to wear it.

1. Aquamarineimage

I love aqua. The best part about this color is that it transitions into summer nicely and looks great against a tan. It can be a very hard color to mix in to what you already own though. To still look on trend even if you don’t own any, then try out an aqua pedicure.

2. Scuba Blue image

This particular blue is a perfect hot weather color. Try it out in a chunky statement necklace, ring or bracelet. It can also add a great pop of color when worn as shoes with a little black dress.

3. Lucite Greenimage

This green would make a beautiful statement piece. I would sprinkle this into my wardrobe in the form of jewelry or a great little clutch mixed with gold accessories to add some extra warmth.

4. Classic Blueimage

Ok, classic blue is one of those shades that isn’t going anywhere. It looks great on a lot of skin tones and against a lot of hair colors. If you purchased a top or dress in this color it would quickly become one of your favorite pieces in your closet.

5. Toasted Almondimage

Toasted almond would transition easily into a wardrobe if you added it as a cozy jacket or sweater. The color itself has such a warm cashmere quality to it that you can wear it as most outerwear without it adding a lot of extra bulk.

6. Strawberry Iceimage

If you want a pop of almost rose color, then you could add this as a floaty blouse to wear with your favorite black skirt. If you’re more laid back, then I would grab it in a tank to wear with your favorite leather or denim jacket or as a light summery scarf.

7. Tangerineimage

This is another color that isn’t the easiest to wear. It looks amazing on nails or as a lipstick though. It’s a great way to add that pop of color to your lips without it being the same usual red. It also looks great against white, so it would be great as a pair of heels paired with white pants or a white dress.

8. Custardimage

Custard is another great accent for people that don’t have a lot of shades of yellow in their closets. Personally, I like to incorporate these colors into my wardrobe as blouses. Then you can still be on trend without spending a lot of money. Plus, if you aren’t sure about the color, then you can always wear a jacket over top of it so that you just see a small amount of color.

9. Marsalaimage

Buy everything in this color. I’m not even kidding. Patent leather heels, bags, lipstick. It all works. It’s rich and flattering. The other plus side to this color is that it’s always in style for fall so you know that it’s always going to come back around. Oh yeah, if I didn’t sell it hard enough, it’s being called the official color of 2015.

10. Glacier Greyimage

I think that grey is the perfect way to update your little black dress for the spring and summer. It still isn’t a loud color, but it’s lightened up a bit for the warmer weather. So if you have a wedding to attend this spring, why not give it a try?

It’s nice to update your wardrobe for the spring, even if it’s only by a couple of pieces. Look at the colors closely though and decide which ones are more your style. Obviously you wouldn’t grab something in each of these colors. Choose which works for you and go for it. Except for marsala, every woman reading this needs to purchase a marsala lipstick and nail polish. You won’t regret it.

xo Stephanie