Another Tuesday Ten is upon us and this is starting to get hard lol. I really don’t like that much stuff. So finding ten things that I’m actually willing to talk about is getting tricky. Anyhow, here are ten things I’m actually digging this week.


1. Olives. I love green olives. I would actually push someone down the stairs for some if it came right down to it. Fun fact: when I was pregnant with Cash, I had very bad edema and wasn’t allowed to have any salt, including olives. I used to be able to eat a jar of these bad boys. Ever since I took that nine months off of salt, I’m lucky if I can eat four olives in a sitting. Thanks Cash.

2. Iced coffee. I love this life hack for left over coffee. If you have any left from your pot in the morning, throw it in a pitcher and stick it in the fridge. When you get a coffee craving, throw some ice in a glass and you’ve got some great iced coffee.


3. Dominick Dunne. Sometimes I just can’t read heavy stuff. I love reading about murder and darkness and all of that goodness, but sometimes I need fluff to level myself out. His books are a little murder, a little mystery, a little suspense and a whole lot of great outfits and sexiness. You won’t be able to put them down. My favourite is The Two Mrs. Grenvilles.

4. Cozy blankets. More often than not I want to wrap myself in a cocoon and not leave my house.  Plus they make your home look comfy, cozy, and add a pop of style.


5. Boyfriend jeans. There’s something I find so sexy about boyfriend jeans, especially if they’re distressed. Sometimes skinny jeans don’t make you feel, well, skinny. Boyfriend jeans with a cute pair of shoes are here to combat that. Am I super stylish? Did I just fall out of a tornado looking great? You’ll never know. And I’ll be comfortable as hell while you’re wondering.


6. Mid-length beachy hair. If I had any sense in my body, I would run out and get this haircut. I don’t though and my face is round, so I’ll probably just lust after you from afar if you’re lucky enough to pull this one off.


7. Pretty Dishes. If I was a fancy lady, I would use these dishes everyday. I am not a fancy lady though and you’re lucky if I put my piece of pizza on a plate when I snarf it down.


8. Bottles. I’m always attracted to things that my husband calls “space wasters”. These are things that I put all over my house that have no function other than wasting space. My favourite “space wasters” right now are pretty bottles. I think there’s something magical and witchy about them. Don’t be judging me either because I will Little Mermaid you and steal your voice to keep in one lol.


9. Reminders. Sometimes we need to take a minute out of our day to remind ourselves what we want to accomplish. Who we want to be. How we want to approach things. There’s nothing wrong with that. Take your moment, look at your reminders and remember the changes you’re wanting to make.


10. Tom Selleck. That mustache. Those shoulders. That smile. May I remind you that this man is in his seventies. May I also remind you that I call dibs and will not rest until I get a shot at this guys title. Even my husband is like “yeah that’s a damn good looking man”.


I’ve never ended a Tuesday Ten on such a sexy note before. You’re welcome. See you next Tuesday!

xo S