What Nail Color Can Tell Other People About You… And What They Mean To Me When I Wear Them

We live in an age where you can find out how the sun, the moon and your horoscope can affect your moods and personality. Well the same goes for nail color. Color can say a lot about your mood and how you’re feeling. It can also say a little bit about your personality. So let’s see what society thinks about what nail color you’re wearing, and, as an added bonus I’ll tell you what mindset I’m usually in when I wear the same colors. Let’s see if you think the same thing.

Light Pink- Positive
Me- I Have To Attend Something Where I Have To Fit In

When I wear a light pink nail it’s usually because I’m pretending to be demure. I find that this a socially accepted nail color, so if I have family events or somewhere to be where a loud nail color won’t be welcomed, I usually reach for the light pink. Demure and ladylike would be the word association I would have with this color.

Coral- Enthusiastic
Me- Beer Drinking Nails

For me Coral is a color that is a little tropical and summery. This is a color that I like for when I’m beginning to get into my summer vibe but don’t want to commit to a super bright shade. Coral for me would be a seasonal summer fun shade.

Bright Red- Determined
Me- I May Be Having Sex Or Going Somewhere Fabulous Later

I tend to lean towards bright red when I know that I’ll be escorting that evening lol!! Just kidding! To me bright red is a classic. It can be overboard however if you’re in head to toe neon pink mixed with a red mani. Bright red will in my mind always convey a pinup sexiness or past screen legend beauty. Marilyn Monroe anyone?

Deep Red- Ambitious
Me- I Might Be Taking Over The World With My Sultriness

When I see deep red (like maroon), I think of a vampy and chic lady. What it means when I wear it is that I didn’t want to commit to black because I can notice the chips more on my stiletto nails. Plain and simple.

Orange- Energetic
Me- I’m Funky And I Don’t Care If This Doesn’t Match Anything I Own

Honestly, if I see someone with orange nails I tend to think that they are a bit funky and fearless only because I don’t tend to wear a lot of brights. If I do ever pull out an orange it’s just because I want to wear something bright for a change and I’m not a hot pink type of gal.

Peach- Sociable
Me- Pass Me The Peach Cobbler And Mint Julips Y’all

Peach nail color reminds me for some reason of a southern belle. Like, in my mind it’s the only acceptable color for sitting on your porch while you’re enjoying a tall glass of sweet tea lol. I don’t know why but my mind just takes me there…. and I like it. Nothing wrong with a good southern belle or a peach manicure.

Tan- Adventurous
Me- I Want My Nails To Match My Skin

Tan does not scream adventurous to me. When I wear tan it’s because I’m pulling off the whole monochromatic thing. Yes, it is super fashionable right now but it also says ” Where do my fingers end and my nails begin?”.

Light Yellow- Cheerful
Me- I’m Happy As Fuck

This one I agree with. When I see light yellow I get cheerful vibes and when I’m wearing it it’s usually because that’s how I feel. You can’t be in a bad mood and choose light yellow as a nail color. It’s impossible.

Butter Yellow- Confident
Me- My Plans Are Either To Spin In A Feild Of Sunflowers Or Be Knuckle Deep In A Popcorn Bag

Butter yellow makes me think of warmth and happiness. I don’t even own any nail polish of this color but if I did I would probably wear it in the summer or if I’m about to dive into an extra large tub of popcorn so no one could shame me for my butter fingers.

Bright Yellow- Intelligent
Me- “Look At Me!”

This one surprised me! Maybe I should be purchasing some more bright yellow if that’s what society thinks of it. I feel as though I would only ever wear bright yellow two times. One, if it didn’t make my skin tone look like I was an orange (which it does) and two, if I was attending an 80’s dance party. Society can think I’m dumb all they want for my lack of bright yellow nail polish.

Mint Green- Earthy
Me- I Love Floral Prints, Etsy And Antiquing Furniture

I love mint green. When I wear it it’s because in my mind it has a feminine and vintage effect without it having to be a soft pink. (Although one of my favorite things to do is to pair it with a soft pink). Seriously though, for your next manicure try a soft pink with a mint green accent nail or vice versa. So pretty.

Bright Green- Artistic
Me- Money, Getting Paid

Bright green makes me think that someone is unique. I’m not too sure why. Maybe it’s because a lot of people tend to shy away from green. I happen to love green. Money green is my favorite hahahah.

Deep Green- Balanced
Me- I Want Nails As Black As My Heart But My Damn Boss Will Throw A Fit

Deep green reminds me of winter and being cozy. It’s another shade to try when you’re not fully ready to commit to a jet black manicure. It’s a nice way to have that depth on your nails if you don’t work in a place where black nails are considered a do.

Deep Teal- Abundant
Me- What Time Are We Meeting For Drinks?

Any color of teal reminds me of peacocks. My hometown of Souris is the reason for that one. We happen to have an abundance of peacocks. It makes me think of home and lots of fun yet it’s also a very tranquil color. If I see someone wearing it I assume it’s because we are going for drinks at the Peacock Pub. So….fun. Teal to me means fun.

Navy Blue- Confident
Me- I’m So Nautical That I’m Using Rope Accents At My Wedding

Navy blue is one of my favorite colors. It’s so flattering and can be worn during any season. Plus, it mixes well with almost every color. When I wear it it’s because I can pair any clothing or jewelry that I own with it and not have to worry about anything clashing. It reminds me of anything nautical especially when it’s paired with white. Nautical makes me think of relaxation so I guess I would have to say for me it’s a relaxing color.

Cobalt Blue- Expressive
Me- Don’t Start With Me On A Day That I Look This Good

When I see cobalt I associate it with someone that’s self assured. Mainly because cobalt is a great color on a lot of people. If you’re wearing a color that you know that you look great in you’re usually more self assured. So if you see me wearing any cobalt you had better watch the F out. I’m probably feeling like I can take on the world.

Bright Teal Blue- Calm
Me- Again, What Time Do Drinks Start?

Please refer to dark teal up above. Peacock.

Light Blue- Young
Me- Don’t Mind Me While I Lay In This Hammock All Day

What does that even mean? Light blue means young. Ok, well I don’t really get that one. For me light blue reminds me of clouds so I would have to say it’s dreamy and relaxing. It’s subdued with a hint of color.

Lilac Purple- Sweet
Me- Excuse Me Ma’am But Do You Mind If I Steal From Your Lilac Bush

This color reminds me of spring and, of course, lilacs. I think on a person it’s refreshing and the grown up way of coming across as a bit playful. You don’t really see it that often.

Purple- Spiritual
Me- I Don’t Stalk Prince Harry, Honest!

A true purple to me reminds me of anything that has to do with royalty. So maybe I think of dignified? Serious but elegant. That’s what it comes across to me as anyway. I’m also slightly crazy, so….

Beige- Honest
Me- Sorry I’m Late But I Didn’t Want To Come

I put beige on when I want to be a bit boring. I just want to blend in and not have attention drawn to my nails or rings. When I see beige my mind tends to lean towards the phrase wallflower because when I wear it that’s exactly what I’m trying to be.

White- Refreshed
Me- My Tan Looks Amazing And I Know It

White to me means purity. Obviously that’s not what I’m going for when I wear it though. When I wear white on my nails it’s because I’m saying “look at my bitchin’ tan”. There’s seriously nothing more to it for me than that.

Black- Powerful
Me- Next Stop World Domination

I get the whole powerful thing because people can be taken aback by super dark colors. I happen to love black nails. Am I powerful? Maybe in my own mind. I personally like it because it goes with everything and to me it’s edgier than any other color. So I guess I would say black is edgy for me and a little punk rock chic.

Now that you’ve read how people (including myself) view colors, how do you rank them? What do certain colors make you think of? What color says power or sexy to you? Leave a comment and let me know!

xo Stephanie

June 3rd, 2016|Fashion|

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