A little look at setting your intentions with each moon phase. Have you ever tried this? During the last full moon that we had, I wrote down all of my intentions on a piece of paper. I was specific about what I wanted to come my way. The next day I set my intentions free. Here’s how you can do this with each moon phase for all you witchy women out there.

New Moon- Set Intentions

This is the time to set your intentions.
“I see my goals clearly and I feel the joy as if it has already manifested”

Waxing Crescent Moon- Plan And Prepare

Action without a plan is wasted energy. How will you accomplish your intentions?
“I create a plan of action to draw my goals to me”

First Quarter Moon- Take Action

It’s time to take inspired action. Step forward towards your intentions.
“I move towards my goals with courage and creativity”

Waxing Gibbous Moon- Refine And Observe

Refine your plan and shift direction as needed. Keep stepping forward.
“My power is perfectly aligned with the universe “

Full Moon- Celebrate

Take time to celebrate how far you’ve come towards your intentions.
“I celebrate all that I have accomplished“

Waning Gibbous Moon- Practice Gratitude

Continue to reap the benefits of your inspired actions. Spend time in gratitude.
“Every day I get wiser and celebrate positive changes in my life”

Last Quarter Moon- Release

Acknowledge what didn’t work this cycle. Release the things that no longer serve you.
“I let go of the past and understand that mistakes are opportunity for growth”

Dark Moon- Rest And Reflect

A time to rest after all your hard work. Reflect on how you’ve grown.
“I rest in the knowledge that all is well. Everything happens in the right way, at the right time”

I know at first it might sound weird, but really there is something peaceful about setting your intentions into the universes hands. It takes a lot of pressure off when you know that they are out there and that you’re working towards them. It’s like a little push. Give it a try and let me know how it makes you feel when you’re done.

xo S