The first Tuesday Ten of, dare I say it, Spring!!!! I’m so excited to get winter the hell out of here, open my windows and enjoy some sunshine. That isn’t going to happen until the snow stops though, so until then, here’s some awesome things to get into.

1. This giant basket/bag. Please let me know where I can find it.

2. Succulent cupcakes. Beautiful AND yummy.

3. All black everything. This woman is so chic she probably wouldn’t talk to me.

4. Two different nail shades. Matte. Natural. Sleek with impact.

5. Pink flowers. Because, well, spring.

6. Pastel heels. Not only are they sweet, but the colour would elongate the legs.

7. Suede bags. Rich in texture and colour.

8. Being different. Own your weird ass magic.

9. Thin gold bands. Simple but oh so beautiful.

10. Crepe cakes. All of those layers make my heart and my tastebuds happy.

Sorry I was late posting tonight, but life, sushi with my husband, and a phone call from my bestie happened. It’s here though. Better late than never. Hope you all have a great week.

xo S