Makeup + Styling

Own Your Beauty

Every woman should feel her own beauty. Whatever your style may be, feeling good about yourself should never be an afterthought. Whether you’re a classic lady, femme fatal, tomboy, business woman or mom, you should be proud to showcase who you are to the world.

As Rachel Zoe once said “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. It should be a fun process to your day and not a chore. Sometimes you get in a rut and forget what style makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful. I’ve created a few makeup + styling packages for those of you that need a bit of a closet or beauty boost.

I can’t wait to work with you and to help you feel your best.

xo Stephanie Good
Makeup Artist / Stylist / Wife + Mother

The Good

Day-to-Night Makeup Package


My goal with this package is to not only make you feel good, but to teach you how to apply your own makeup so that you can incorporate it into your own routine. We will sit down together and go over two full makeup looks. I’ll apply one “day” and one “night”, showing you each step along the way.

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The Gold

Classic Styling Package


Every once in a while, everyone falls into a style rut. This package is to help with exactly that. We’ll go over what styles work best for your colouring and body type and figure out together what you should keep, what you should let go of and what you should look for to fill your wardrobe with essentials.

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The Living

Luxe Makeup Package


Life events are always a special time to celebrate. Graduation, wedding and family photos are just a few examples. Let me take care of your makeup, so you can relax, feel confident and let your beauty shine on those special days.

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