I love the women that can show me their wild. The women that wear their hearts on their sleeves without worry of being hurt because they’ve been there before and are comfortable with it. The women that have pasts and bad decisions they don’t run and hide from because they realize those things have made them who they are today. Those are my people. Those are my ladies.

I’m at a point where I don’t like guessing games. I like those people that tell me exactly what’s on their minds and how they feel I could have handled a situation better without judgement. The ones that call you out on your shit and make you own it. The ones that love you enough to not throw you away, but to help you through whatever is happening in your life because they genuinely want you around. They want you to be the best version of yourself while making you feel safe and loved. Without whispers, without judgement, but with a case of beer and an open heart and listening ear.

This last year has been a real trial for all of us and I hope you have been surrounded with good ladies to help you through. Someone to listen when you wanted to possibly murder your significant other because you’ve been confined to the same house for far too long. Someone to listen when you had to teach your child “new” math. Someone to listen when you were afraid of what was happening in the world and around you. And I hope you were able to do that for them.

Believe it or not, I’m not the greatest friend. I’m moody and I cry a lot. It’s just who I am. I’m so grateful that the ladies who surround me see past the bad and see that I’m someone they still want to call friend. That they still want to share their own problems with me because they know I’ll listen and will have an answer (I don’t know if that a plus or negative yet). They lift me when I’m feeling low and are always my biggest cheerleaders. Telling me I can do things that I haven’t ever thought I could. Always helping me grow as a person and never having an ache of jealousy when I accomplish something. They all have kids, work, husbands, and lives, but they’re never too busy to check in and see how I am because they genuinely want me to have a good day. These are the people I look up to. These are actual superwomen.

I hope that you also have these relationships. This safety net. Those people that even if you don’t talk everyday, you know they have your back. You know that nothing is wrong. That you all have an unspoken agreement that just because life gets hectic, love never stops. A safety net for your heart and soul and dreams. That even if that net is dropped, you automatically have so much love and forgiveness for them, that it won’t matter. You know you’ll get past it because in life you’re allowed to make mistakes. And they will be there for you if you do.

Today is International Women’s Day and I hope you take the time to thank the women in your lives. Your safety nets. Your listening ears and open hearts. The ones that don’t judge and want what’s best for you wholeheartedly. The ones whose actions have always spoken louder than words. Your friends, your sisters, your aunts, your mothers, your grandmothers and your soul sisters. The ones who you have allowed to see the worst parts of you and that have never left. The ones who celebrate the best parts of you. The ones that have so much trust for you that they have allowed you to see into their hearts and lives. Those are superwomen. I see you. I trust you. I love you. I support you. Thank you for being my safety net.

xo S