I have found that after I deal with certain people or situations, I’m exhausted. Nothing big even needs to happen. I could have a coffee and then run into people getting the mail and I fee as though my energy is zapped down to nothing. This is something that happens to most empaths, which I am. You take on everyone’s energy around you, and trust me, it can make what was supposed to be an easy and fun day very hard.

I was discussing this with another woman who is very spiritual, and she asked “do you ground yourself first?”. Nope. Nope I do not. So, I figured I would make it way easier for myself by making some grounding bottles. They have a lot of things in them that pull you back and protect you from energy that you don’t want in your bubble. They worked for me during the winter when I couldn’t walk outside and stand in the grass and sunshine for a minute to regroup.

I made them three ways for fellow empaths. You can wear one, carry one, or keep one in your home. I prefer to wear or carry mine because I feel that they keep me calm and ready for what the day throws at me. What’s your favourite way to keep yourself grounded throughout the day? Ps if you’re interested in one for yourself they will soon be able to purchase at Lagasse’s Studio of Fine Art.

xo S