Today is International Women’s Day. What does that mean to you? To me, it means I need to send out some pretty big thank you’s because a lot are due. I try to thank the ladies that I love often, but in case I have missed some over time, I felt as though there was no time like the present.

To the women before me – Thank you for being movers and shakers. Thank you for wanting better for generations to come and not resting until there was improvement. For wanting us to have options and for wanting us to be heard. For wanting us to be seen as equals, not just feminine bodies with pretty faces. For knowing our worth. For having hardships and using your voices so that later generations would have better. You didn’t have a “to each their own” mentality. You had a “we will give them better than we had” mentality. You were strong women that raised strong women. We are able to use our voices. For that we will all be eternally grateful. You may not have set out to be role models, but that’s exactly what you have become. Thank you.

To the women with me – To my coven. To my circle. To my soul sisters. I actually can’t express how much I love you and what you do for me on a daily basis. You pick me up when I’m down. You love me when I don’t even love myself. You get me without trying. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for always being a listening ear. Thank you for always knowing what my heart needs. Thank you for allowing me to lean on you when I need your strength. You are all so special and I hope that you know I love you with with every fibre of my being. If you’re ever having a bad day, I hope you can at least realize just how special you are. And if you ever need help burying a body, I’m your girl. You are honest. You are kind. You let me into your hearts without having to. I didn’t have to push my way in. You opened your arms to me unconditionally and have never let me go. You’ve walked with me through lessons I’ve had to learn. Yes, there has been years of fun times and laughs, but there has also been a lot of tears and hard lessons. Some of which you’ve taught me. You are all in my life for a reason, and I know that. I know that my life would be completely different without any one of you and I’m so happy that you’ve chosen me to share your lives and your hearts with.

To the women not with me – Thank you. I owe you some appreciation as well. Thank you for not getting me. Thank you for teaching me lessons, some good and some hard. I am who I am because of who I surround myself with, and also who I don’t. You’ve taught me that I’m not for everyone. You’ve made me look deep within myself and realize my flaws. You’ve made me embrace my flaws rather than focus on them. You’ve taught me that no matter how hard I try, I am not built to be a people pleaser. You’ve taught me a lot about myself, whether I’ve wanted to learn or not. You’ve taught me that I am not and can not be everyone’s cup of tea. Either I had to fight against that, or make my peace with it. Gossip has taught me who I am and confrontation has taught me who I want to be. How I want to handle tough situations that I don’t understand. Thank you for teaching me that we are allowed to be different and that our differences don’t necessarily need to be celebrated because we own them. We are comfortable enough with ourselves that we give ourselves our own celebration every day. Just because we may not be in each other lives doesn’t mean that I don’t respect you. I see you. I see the great things that you do. The great mothers, friends, wives, and career women that you are. Thank you for the lessons and I appreciate you.

Happy International Women’s Day to each and every woman out there. I hope that you realize just how special you are every day of the year as well, not just today. Thank you for being you.

xo S