Have you ever wondered if you should be taking a skin supplement? No, they won’t take your wrinkles away and no, they won’t give you a completely different skin type. They aren’t magic pills. They will however help with certain skin issues. Take a look and see if you think any would help you.

Vitamin E

* Antioxidant
* Anti-Inflammatory
* Aids Moisture Retention
* Helps Prevent Blackheads
* Can Reduce UV Damage

Vitamin C

* Helps Collagen Production
* Increases Elastin
* Helps Generate Antioxidants
* Enhances Sunscreen Effectiveness
* Heals Damaged Skin
* Prevents Dry Skin
* Prevents Skin Discolouration


* Can Slow Aging Of Skin
* Aids Skin Hydration
* Aids Collagen And Elastin Production
* Strengthens Hair And Nails

I take skin and hair gummies that have a mixture of all of these and I do think that they help me in a couple of areas. My hair isn’t as dry, my skin definitely glows more and my nails aren’t nearly as brittle even though I wear fakes a lot. There are also simple things you can do for your skin like making sure that you’re getting enough water. That alone will make a big difference. If you’re finding that you need a boost though, try a supplement and see what you think. You should notice a difference in a couple of weeks to a month.

xo S