Hi everyone! New week, new ideas, new Tuesday Ten. I hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to kick this weeks ass. Here are the ten things I’m feeling this week.

1. Wallpaper in bathrooms. I love how it amps up a small space.

2. Beach hair. It has natural sex appeal. You and your hair can’t be tamed.

3. Saying fuck it to overthinking. If you can’t change it, you have to let it happen. Breathe.

4. Chandeliers. So damn beautiful. Also an easy way to add drama to a room.

5. Lana Del Rey makeup. That skin. That cat eye. That smoulder. This makeup is perfection.

6. Relaxing baths. Take time for yourself and relax.

7. Natural nails with a kick. Your nails can still go with everything and have a dose of personality.

8. White. Maybe I love white on other people because I would drop a meatball on it.

9. Tonal weddings. You don’t have to look the exact same to get the vibe across.

10. Dainty rings. Lots of dainty rings can still make a big impact.

What’s your favourite off of this weeks list? Are there any that you have done before? Let me know.

xo S